RMNIAA-USA Announces a 2020 

Virtual Anniversary 

2020 50th Anniversary

When: First week of December 2020

Where: Virtual via Zoom

My Fellow RMNIAA,

On behalf of the Executive Officers RMNIAA-USA, Inc., I would like to inform you that the RMNIAA-USA 2020 Convention, which was scheduled to be held in Monrovia, Liberia, has been postponed.

However, it has been decided that we will host a scaled-down version of the 2020 50th Anniversary virtually. We hope to utilize one of the platforms available such as Zoom to host the anniversary celebration. The date for the ‘2020 50th Virtual Anniversary ’ remains the same, as the original Anniversary date, the 1st week in December 2020.

In order to smoothly execute the ‘2020 Virtual Anniversary’, a Planning Committee has been established to work through the logistics of hosting and executing the convention. I am aware that this may be a new concept for a lot of us, hosting the very first ‘Virtual Anniversary.’ However, I encourage all of you to get on board and join us in ensuring the ‘2020 Virtual Anniversary’ is successful. Ms. Johnnette Wulu-Eggert has agreed to serve as Chair of this Committee.

As President of RMNIAA-USA, I would like to encourage all of our members to kindly give generously to this year’s events. I am cognizant that the health crises we are currently experiencing, unfortunately, may have a negative financial impact on some of us. However, for those of us who are able to, I encourage you to give a little extra to pick up the slack. Thanks!!

It is important to note, in the midst of all that we are dealing with, the projects we have undertaken of RMNIAA-USA at our Alma Mater continue. Let’s keep in mind, that our school needs us more at this time than ever before.

The current RMNIAA administration is proud to highlight a few of our proposed projects for the coming 50th Anniversary 2020:

  • We proposed to paving the school grounds completed By December 2020.
  • Sporting Equipments and Jersey Project will be presented to RMNI in December 2020.
  • Six new scholarships will be offer, the John and Minnie Wulu Scholarships, were established at a cost of $6,000.00.
  • Renovation of the restrooms, (RMNI Main Campus ), which is expected to be completed by 1st. Week in September 2020, at a cost of $10,000.00. This will be is our first project for the year.

My fellow RMNIAA, all of the projects mentioned above would be made possible because of your willingness to give, coupled with your love, for your alma mater. I could not thank you enough.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to represent and serve you. Together, we are proud of our accomplishments. We must continue in the spirit of giving, “If not us, then who?” Richard M.Nixon Institute needs us! Liberia and the next generation of leaders need us!

For further information relevant to ‘RMNIAA-USA 2020 Virtual Anniversary kindly follow our Facebook postings weekly to register for The 50th Virtual Anniversary, contribute to the Challenge, and obtain updates on the ‘2020 Virtual Anniversary.’

In the RMNIAA Spirit, “Not For Self But For Others.”

Kind regards,

Francois Wulu-DeMonique,

President , RMNIAA-USA