Our Mission

Richard M Nixon Alumni Association (RMNIAA) works to connect alumni and students and to assist our alma mater with plans to rebuild the Richard M. Nixon Institute.

We encourage alumni to stay connected, give back, and enjoy being part of the RMNIAA Community! We have formed an association through which these goals may be realized:

  1. Maintain strong social and professional connections among RMNI alumni through programs such as the Annual Sponsored Walk, mentoring, and homecoming events.
  2. Rebuild the Richard M. Nixon Institute's main campus on Capital Bye Pass Monrovia, Liberia.
  3. Provide opportunities for underprivileged Liberian children to have equal access to high-quality education through scholarship awards.
  4. Revive and Preserve the bonds of friendship that were formed during our time at the school.
  5. Raise funds to support RMNI operations.
  6. Maintain a positive Legacy for Richard M. Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, in Monrovia

Our Goals

* A new 15,000 sq ft. school building.

*Cement paved schoolyard

*Full electricity on campus


*Science laboratory

*Modern computer lab.

*Thirty classrooms

*Separate boys & girls lavatories 

The Opportunity at hand:

Richard M. Nixon Institute was established by the Mr. John N. Wulu sr. and Mrs. Minnie W Wulu (husband & wife) in March of 1971.