Restrooms Renovation Project

In 2019, when our National Chairman Mr. Eddie Wulu-Wilson visited RMNI, he could not help but observe the delipidated condition of the restrooms on the school main campus.

These restrooms were being used by more than 350 students and staff. Returning to the US, he brought the severity of the situation to the attention of the Board and, in the spirit of our mantra “Not For Self But For Others,” this Ten Thousand US Dollar (US$10,000) Restroom Renovation Project was launched in June 2020.

The First Phase of the Project, which includes a complete overhaul of the Sewer System of the Building; overhaul of the Restrooms; laying of new pipe​s; replacement of all restroom fixtures and painting of the restrooms, is underway completion is expected by 1st. Week in September 2020 as represented by these photos.

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